Mar 20, 2019


It is a real story HAPPENED JUST 2 HOURS AGO.

It seems my working email was hacked.

The story begins with an unexpected email in my inbox of working email, with the sender to be myself.

In the email, the writer said: I have started special program to the adult videos(porn) websites…… during you enjoy these great vids your computer was controlled by me and claimed he was running keylogger(a kind of virus which records the input of keyboard) on my computer.

He also complimented me for having got an interesting taste. Hmm… And my camera is claimed to be hacked? Weird, my webcam can’t be working without turning on the red LED indicator.

The hacker demanded me to send him BTC worthing $1000 USD. Well, BTC price is still declining, why are you still asking for BTC instead of some other cryptocurrencies? I just don’t understand.

The first part could be right, I did watch porn vids online. Sometimes I may even register their accounts to get more member benefits. But I’m never so dumb to register with my working email.

And MOST importantly, he should never, never be able hack my working email: This address is just a forwarding address. So… how?

It gotta be a scam then. After examining the email, it turns out that the hacker sends me the mail by faking my address. The mail is not from an authenticated server - a line of alert reads.

Phew. So my taste will be safe, same for my wallet. Hooray!

Have fun and good luck!